AC 2013 Online Community About to Open

The 2013 Annual Conference online community is under construction and will open about one month prior to the opening session of the NAIS Annual Conference in Philadelphia.  This year’s collection of sites is an extension of the community that formed over the past several years of Annual Conferences and should provide a unique experience for all who participate. This year we will also have conversations within the new NAIS Connect.

As you explore, feel free to create accounts as needed and start interacting in the spaces provided. If you act on this post, you will be one of the first to enter the 2013 NAIS Annual Conference online community. Make your mark:

  • Join the AC Online Community discussion board in NAIS Connect and introduce yourself
  • Post some tweets with the hashtag #naisac13
  • Bookmark the Netvibes Dashboard for NAIS AC 2013
  • Add some resources to the Diigo Group
  • Post a video to Youtube and post link to #naisac13 to be included in naisac13 Youtube channel
  • Leave a comment on this blog about your experience
  • Explore the wisdom of past communities (some links may not work as content moved)
  • Read The Daily Find on this blog and post comments here and/or on the author’s page.
  • Help bring the space to life and make is Your Space

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