The Daily Find: February 10, 2013

As we approach the conference at the end of the month, what do you hope to see and hear at this year’s conference? Post on your blog, tweet to #naisac13, send your response to or post on NAIS Connect. Let the conversations begin.

Introducing Featured Speaker- Jim Collins

Jim Collins: Photo credit: Joel Grimes

Mr. Jim Collins will be speaking to us at 11:00 AM Thursday morning at the Annual Conference. You can learn more about Mr. Collins at:

Looking for a Wednesday Workshop?
If you are looking for a Wednesday workshop at the 2013 NAIS Annual conference, consider signing up for one in the Schools of the Future track…

Wednesday- 3 hour workshop:
W11. Public-Private Partnerships for Systemic Educational Change

Join us to develop strategies to transform our “schools of the future,” strengthen our public-private partnerships, and leverage the vital intersections between these efforts. Facilitators represent partnerships promoting transformational learning and leadership. Participants will be asked to view material before the workshop. Info:

Have you ever wanted a mobile app for the Annual Conference? It Is Here!
The NAIS AC2013 Mobile App will enhance your conference experience by providing valuable information via your smartphone. Learn more and install from the NAIS Conference Site for Mobile APP.

Meet and Greet the new NAIS President John Chubb
We hope you will take a moment during the busy conference schedule to meet and greet John Chubb on Friday March 1 from 12:30 to 1:30 Pm at the NAIS Member Resource Center in the Exhibit hall. You can learn more at: John Chubb Meet and Greet.


What do you Hope to see and hear this year?
By Mark Crotty
The Online Community for the 2013 NAIS Annual Conference asked for responses to this question for an opening discussion: What do you want to see and or hear at this year’s Annual Conference?…[MORE]

Visualizing the future of apps in education
By Patricia Russac
Even though iPads offer a lot of flexibility in learning, finding the right app can sometimes be a frustrating barrier to using them in the classroom. Often, as this article from Edudemic explains, schools focus only on “content” or “subject-specific” apps, without realizing that open-ended tools such asVisualize or Educreations can be incorporated into any curriculum…[MORE]

5 ideas to make the most of teacher evaluation
By Lisa Nielsen
There’s been a lot of news about the Gates Foundation recently released guiding principles to policymakers and practitioners who plan to implement new teacher evaluation models. If your school or district is turning toward such an evaluation model you’ll want to consider some ideas to keep in mind to best support your professional growth. But, before we get to that, If you haven’t read…[MORE]

More Questions Still for the NAIS Board
By Chris Thinnes
I have made a critical, albeit inadvertent, mistake in my reactions to the NAIS board’s appointment of John Chubb as ‘President-Elect.’ By itemizing a series of critical questions about Dr. Chubb’s demonstrated and express commitments in my open letter, and…[MORE]

Digital Portfolios and College Admissions
By Jennifer Carey
In my daily readings about educational technology and pedagogy, one term and concept has been popping up more and more frequently: Digital Portfolios.
A digital, or electronic, portfolio is a collection of student work in a digital medium. Educational technology experts are touting them as the future context by which students will be judged for college admission, job applications, scholarships, and [MORE]

Place of Strength or Place of Fear?
By Brad Rathgeber
I’ve spent the last week out in California visiting a few truly wonderful schools and attending and presenting at two conferences: the OESIS and the CAIS Heads and Trustees Conference.  The OESIS was a gathering of independent school leaders to talk about approaches to online learning. The group heard from…[MORE]


The NAISAC13 Community Daily:
Stories Shared By:Chris Thinnes, Chris Lehmann, Cathy Davisdson, Diane Ravitch, Grant Lichtman, Parentella, and others

To Gates: What matters most about data is who decides what to measure
Shared by Diane Ravitch

The boys at the back
Shared by Shannon Montauge

How much are iPads really helping kids in the classroom?
Shared by Chris Christensen

A warning to college profs from a high school teacher
Shared by Cathy N Davidson


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