Wireless at NAISAC 2013!

wirelessYes, you read that correctly. This year there will be wireless access available throughout the conference and on the exhibit floor. This is very exciting as it increases the possibilities for connecting, collaborating and sharing throughout the entire conference. This is also a wonderful thing for the online community as it will provide the opportunity for multiple feeds throughout the conference that can be captured and archived for those who were not able to make the journey or for those who want to follow a session they were not able to make because there were simply too many really cool sessions at the same time. So…

If you will be at the NAIS Annual Conference this year. consider taking an active role in the online community by:

  1. Communicating through Twitter with the #naisac13 hash tag. This will automatically get picked up in several of the community Twitter Streams.
  2. Write blog posts on your experiences and Tweet them out with #naisac13 and/or email the link to naisac13@gmail.com.
  3. Live blog sessions. If you plan to live blog any sessions, you can share this intent with the community through Twitter and sending a message to naisac13@gmail.com with the information for your sessions and it can be distributed through this blog site and The Daily Find.
  4. As you experience sessions, Tweet out resources and references related to each session you attend. Make sure you add the #naisac13 hashtag.
  5. Share photos and videos of events, sessions and general experiences from the conference. Post the video and share through Twitter with #naisac13. Again, you may also send the information to naisac13@gmail.com. IMPORTANT- Always check to see if you have permission to take photos or video as some sessions are regulated by contract agreements.

Please consider joining us in the Online Community as we approach the conference, throughout the conference events and beyond.


3 thoughts on “Wireless at NAISAC 2013!

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