The Daily Find: February 18, 2013


#NAISAC13 Archive Site on Eventifier
You can read more about this new feature at…[MORE]


Reflection and Renewal: Centering Ourselves in Our Work
Let’s face it, as life has gotten faster and more frantic time and space for reflection and renewal has gone by the wayside, and along with it, many great opportunities.  Please kick off your conference with a pre-Jim Collins workshop with me.  Here is the…[MORE]

TeacherUnpluggedQRTeachers Unplugged- You won’t want to miss this one!
If you will be at the conference on Friday, this is an opportunity for you. This year the conference will offer two opportunities for a special session called Teachers Unplugged: A Revolutionary Salon. This is something you…[MORE]


Thoughts about Freedom and Change
By Molly Smith- Teachers of the Future
I have been thinking about something a colleague said to me last week. We had been watching part of the film Race to Nowhere as part of a professional day. In the debrief afterwards she said, “We have more freedom than we think we do.” She was referring to our ability to craft our curriculum and the way our school works. As independent schools, we…[ MORE]

Join Our Study: Student Attitudes Towards Learning with Technology (SALT)
By Chris Bigenho
I have been working with three of our Greenhill (Greenhill School) graduating seniors on a research tutorial exploring two diverse problems. One of these problems explores the nature of student attitudes towards learning with technology (SALT). We are looking for schools that might be interested in participating in this study…[MORE]

Exciting Changes in My Blogging World
By Peter Gow
It’s apparent that the pace of my blogging here has slowed down considerably in 2013. But there’s a reason for this, a reason that has me pretty excited. Starting tomorrow (February 15), I will be blogging at Education Week thrice weekly under…[MORE]


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EdLeader21 sessions and receptions at #naisac13
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The 20 most popular learning management systems
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EdCamp Independent Schools
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What predicts College GPA?
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