The Daily Find: February 23, 2013


Join the conversation
We are only days away from engaging in what should be an amazing lineup of speakers, presentations and collaboration at the NAIS 2013 Annual Conference. You can join in the conversation online by making your presence known in one of the many online venues established to facilitate the sharing of ideas throughout the conference experience. You can learn more about the Online Conference Community at At a minimum, you will want to bookmark or FOLLOW the NAISAC13 Blog site where you can stay up with many of the events throughout the conference.  We hope to see you online and meet you in Philly.

NAISAC13 Online Archive- Share you Slides
Calling all speakers…You can share your presentation slides through the Official NAIS site as well as link it to the online community through the NAISAC13 community archive. If you have loaded your slides to Slideshare or to the NAIS site, you can link them to this archive from THIS PAGE.

Meet Sekou Andrews
Sekou Andrews will be speaking to us as part of the Independent Matters: Youth Culture and Social Media general session. You can learn more about Sekou from the community blog where you can hear and see him perform some of his amazing poetry. We are sure to be inspired by his contribution to Independent Matters on Thursday, February 23 from 3:00 to 4:30pm….[LEARN MORE HERE]


2013 NAIS Annual Conference Global Education Preview
By Aric Visser
Next Tuesday I will be returning to the U.S. for the first time in 18 months to present at the National Association of Independent Schools Conference in Philadelphia.  It will be enjoyable to share my research, (Mandatory plug for my session: Purposeful Global Education: How can we assess its impact – Thursday 1:30, room 118c)  but I am really looking forward to being able to hear from others and get in some quality shop talk – preferably over a Philly cheese steak and a cold one…[MORE]

From Twitter
“Talking “Private School Leadership in a Public Context” on March 1 at #NAISAC13, Want a preview: Slides are online:

Private School Leadership in a Public Context: Broadening Our Notion of ConstituentsIn service of our missions and to secure our futures, independent schools are branching out into new relationships with the public. Learn why this is imperative and review a variety of examples – from local service learning experiences to neighborhood stewardship, serving public school students and faculties, and introducing our schools to legislators. Private School Leadership (PDF) PRESENTER(S): Claudia Daggett, Elementary School Heads Association (MO); Matthew Bradley, West Chester Friends School (PA); Whitney Work, NAIS (DC)

What is the School of the Future Series: Part 1
By Kelsey Vroomunn
Grant Lichtman, from Francis Parker School in San Diego, CA is the focus of this first blog.  Grant will be presenting on Friday, March 1, at 1:30 pm in Room 131C.  His workshop, entitled Schools of Today: (On) the Highway of School Innovation, describes his recent cross-country trek, in which he visited schools of all types to see first-hand the shape innovation is taking in education….I asked Grant to describe his vision of a School of the Future.  Here is his response…[MORE]

What is the School of the Future: Part 2
A Conversation with Brad Rathgeber and Mike Gwaltney
By Kelsey Vroomunn
With the annual conference right around the corner, I reached out to all those who will be presenting Schools of the Future workshops and asked them a few questions about their vision of a 21st century school.  For the second spotlight in this series, I’ll be highlighting the Friday 11:30 session in Room 118C entitled Technology is not the Answer, presented by Brad Rathgeber from Online School for Girls, Cathy Murphee from the Hockaday School in Dallas, TX, and Mike Gwaltney from Oregon Episcopal School in Portland, OR.  Brad Rathgeber is the Director of Online School for Girls, a consortium of independent girls schools providing online courses.  I heard Brad talk at the…[MORE]

Independent Schools, Independent Teachers: Freedom and Responsibility
By Jennifer Carey
The other day a thread appeared on the National Association of Independent Schools online communities speculating on aspects of the great freedom that independent school teachers have to create curriculum and assessments suited to their strengths and to the particular needs and interests of their students and their schools. This got me to thinking…[MORE]

Pas de Deux: On Public and Private School Partnership in EdLeader21
By Chris Thinnes
Something in the air this month — seemingly more an offshoot of my calendar, than my conscience — has had me thinking, more than ever, about the value, purpose, and extraordinary consequence of intentional and authentic collaboration between public and private schools. In recent weeks, I have been collaborating with Ken Kay, Clif Mims (Martin Institute), and Paul Miller (NAIS) in the design of an upcoming workshop on “Public-Private Partnerships for Systemic Educational Change.” I’ve been working with…[MORE]


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