The Daily Find: February 24, 2013


Online Community Dashboard
This is a unique feature of the community. This “one stop shop” allows you to monitor virtually all activity in the community from one place. Here you will find a collection of feeds and sites all linked under one URL. This makes it easy to get to the official conference site, read the Online Community Blog, follow Twitter accounts from some of the featured and keynote speakers, read the Twitter feeds from the community, and view many of the other accounts that make up this tapestry we call the NAISAC13 Online Community. This is one site you will want to bookmark for this conference….VIEW: NAIS Online Community Dashboard.

Storify the Pre-Conference Chat
Take a look at the first Storify for NAISAC13. You can explore all of The Daily Finds, information about the community and some of the Tweets from community members. [READ IT HERE]


I’m going back to Philly, Philly, Philly…
By Sandra Chap Chapman
The title of my post may be familiar to those of you who remember LL Cool J’s 1989 song, “I’m going back to Cali.” I was in Philadelphia for the 2012 PoCC Conference and then returned a few weeks later to see a dear friend who works and lives there. I am looking forward to returning to this robust, artistic and historical city that reminds me so much of my New York City home. The theme for…[MORE]

Millennial Teachers
By Kelsey Vroomunn
I was recently perusing the NAIS 2013 Annual Conference program, and I was excited to see a featured presentation on Thursday by Nadira Hira entitled “Crossing the Generational Line”.  Only two weeks ago, at the Online Educational Symposium for Independent Schools in California, I gave a very similar presentation entitled “Leveraging your Millennials”.  So to foreshadow…[MORE]


What does it take to start an international movement?
By Kim Sivick
EdCamp Independent School is taking place at Wharton on Saturday March 2, 2013. Over 150 educators from across the country are expected to attend. Where did this all start?  Hadley Ferguson and I sat down last week to put this into words. In December of 2009, a group of educators met at a technology “unconference”, loved the energy and decided to organize one for educators. The goal was to create an “unconference” around…[MORE]

NOTE: Kim will be presenting at NAIS13. Here is more about her session

 “Revolutionize Your Professional Development” along with Liz Davis, Anthony McGrann and Shannon Montague . Our session will cover edcamps and how this model has been adapted for innovative and engaging in-house professional development. If you are attending NAIS please consider attending this session on Thursday, February 28th at 1:30 in Rm 111B at the Philadelphia Convention Center.

5 reasons less is more when it comes to STEM
By Lisa Nielsen
Schools are missing the boat when it comes to addressing the problem of preparing students to recapture America’s leadership in producing scientists, inventors, engineers, programmers and more through STEM initiatives. ….if we listen to what the experts in these fields are telling us we discover that when it comes to producing successful STEM graduates, the key lies in the adage “less is more.”…[MORE]


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