The Daily Find: February 26, 2013


There is a tremendous amount of activity in advance of a conference. If you have never arrived early for a conference and seen the construction phase, check out the photos and video that can be found in the community. It is impressive how large conference centers can juggle many overlapping demands and phase programming in and out as needed. As you will see from the images and video, the conference center is in the process of becoming the space where many of us will have the opportunity to learn from and share with each other.

Video of Conference Setup: NAISAC13 T-Minus 1 Day

Interactive 360 ViewGet Ready, Here We Go

Archive Site- Photos, Tweets and More:
Post your photos to the Archive through Twitter with #naisac13 tag

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Resources for Pat Bassett’s Sessions
Pat will be delivering two “Great By Choice” sessions at this year’s conference. To help you make the most of the sessions, you can read two articles by Pat that provide context for the sessions.

  •  25 Factors Great Schools Have in Common (Independent School Magazine) [PDF]
  •  25 Factors Great Teachers Have in Common (Independent School Magazine) [PDF]

NAISAC13 Conference APP
Don’t forget about downloading the NAIS Conference APP for your phone. You can learn more about the app and find the link to download from [MORE]

NAISAC13 Online Community
As you leave for Philly, here are a few things you can do to increase your interactions and enhance your experience at this year’s Annual Conference

  • Follow @naisac13 on Twitter
  • Follow and use #naisac13 hashtag
  • Post photos to Twitter with #naisac13 to have your photos included in the conference archive
  • Follow the Online Conference Community Blog
  • Live Blog and post link to Twitter tagged #naisac13 or
  • Post your session and daily reflections on your blog and share with the community via Twitter and
  • Comment on the community and member blogs


Tech tools are great, but nothing beats face to face interactions

By Anthony McGrann
I remember at time when there were classes for specific products like MS Word. Apart from very specific programs that are fairly intricate, those days have long past. With new tools and apps arriving daily, and new ones getting updates…[MORE]

The train is moving…The second 100 days
By Vinnie Vrotny
Back in the early 1990′s, I had the chance to chat with Pat Bassett, the retiring head of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), then the head of the Independent Schools Association of Central States (ISACS). At that time, Patsaid, “integrating technology was like changing the wheels of a moving train.” Fast forward nearly twenty years…[MORE]

The following Storify will give you a behind the scenes view of the conference getting set up and ready for everyone to arrive. The Day Before Launch of Pre-conferences

NAISAC13 Community DailyFebruary 26, 2013
There are many contributors to this issue and the number grows each day.

Check out the following Community sites for additional information                                                             


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