Conference Blogger Kelsey Vroomunn Shares from Thursday’s Sessions

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Creative Learning Environments
By Kelsey Vroomunn
I am finally getting this post live!  I apologize for the delay, I needed some process time to let all the information from the three hours sink in! Yesterday, I attended a great workshop on redesigning the physical school environment to better reflect 21st century learning goals.  This session was centered around a very provocative question: What types…[MORE]

Millennial Teachers, round 2
I am in Nadira Hira’s featured workshop on Crossing the (Generational) Line.  This is very much my Achilles heel, in that intergenerational management is a passionate interest of mine.  After only a few hours at the NAIS conference, I am more convinced than ever that independent schools actively cultivate the qualities in Millennial students that are then viewed as so onerous and grating in Millennial workers!  At the President’s breakfast this morning, I sat with…[MORE]

SoF @ NAISAC13: Ethics education
What are the most important skills for students in the 21st century?  The audience in the 8:00 session called out commonly cited aptitudes: the ability to sift through and organize information, the ability to reach out and collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds, the ability to communicate through a variety of means, critical thinking skills, etc.  But no one mentioned ethical character building…[MORE]

Professional Nesting
Charlie Abelmann from the Barrie School said something in his presentation today that has stuck with me.  He recounted that when he walked around his school, he counted as many refrigerators and coffee makers as there were classrooms.  His faculty had, in his words, “nested”…[MORE

What’s in a name?
Language shapes our reality.  This axiom might bring to mind memories of Newspeak from George Orwell’s 1984, but we cannot deny that words bring with them certain preconceived notions and emotional baggage.  Is this just a semantic argument?  The workshop that I attended this afternoon, “Creating Learning Environments, Rethinking the Classroom” convinced me otherwise…[MORE]

Out of the Box: Innovative Learning Spaces (NAIS 2013)
By Jim Heynderickx

I have the honour to offer a “speed innovation” session at the NAIS Annual Conference today at 1:30 p.m. The topic is “Out of the box: Innovative Learning Spaces” and I plan to adapt some of the materials I used at my 2012 ISTE presentation on the topic of innovative learning spaces and the role of technology….[MORE] information and resources here.


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