Breakfast with the President

President’s Breakfast and Annual Meeting
Thursday, February 28
7:30 – 9:00 AM
Join head of school colleagues for breakfast and a presentation by NAIS President Patrick F. Bassett and the NAIS board of trustees. The Annual Meeting for members immediately follows the breakfast.

Reflection by Tony Featherston
This year’s breakfast is notable not for the cold bacon, warm orange juice, or even all the official NAIS business. Rather, it marks the first official introduction of NAIS president elect, John Chubb, and for current president Pat Bassett’s final chance to address the membership.

As always, Pat shared some interesting data and tidbits. My two favorites were headlines from articles on the website “Study: Helicopter Parents Cause Mental Health Problems for Children” and “Economic Payoff Seen From Attending Colleges with More Diversity.” I’m intrigued to read both. (If I can figure out how to make hyperlinks from my iPad, I will do it later)

In recognition of his leadership of NAIS, Pat received a well-deserved and protracted standing ovation at the conclusion of his remarks.

Photos from Breakfast

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