Speed of Innovation at the Speed of Light

Maximize information and idea gathering — attend Speed Innovating! It’s three mini-sessions in one devoted to Going Beyond Boundaries. During this hour-long special workshop, you choose the three topics that meet your needs best. In one ballroom, 20 presenters host their own tables, leaving room for nine attendees to sit down and learn from the experience of an independent school “expert” colleague. These intimate, 15-minute, information-packed “dates” dispense with the small talk and background of an issue — and focus on the important themes, details, problems, and solutions. After 15 minutes of inspiring ideas, you’ll move on to another speaker who will share insights on your next favorite topic. You’ll meet a total of three big thinkers who can address your most pressing needs. The cutting-edge ideas you’ll take back to school will prove invaluable.

Table Topics Include: [MORE]

Video of Speed of Innovation at the Speed of Light
This short video will show you 45 minutes of the Speed Innovation session in about 60 seconds. The room reminded me of a busy hive of ideas flowing throughout the room.

innovation movie 2


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Video of Walk through the Tables of Innovation



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