The Daily Find: February 27, 2013

Tonight, Pat Bassett’s tenure with NAIS was celebrated in a reception where folks gathered around food and great conversation followed by the and award, friendly roasting and some wonderful words by Pat. He was accompanied by his family and many who have worked with Pat in many ways over the years. Included below is a small collection of images from the reception and a 5 minute video where Pat shared a wonderful philosophy lesson with everyone. If you ever wondered what golf balls, pebbles, sand and beer have in common, you will want to watch this to find out. You will walk away richer than you were 5 minutes before you watched Pat’s philosophy lesson.

pat phil

Video: Pat Bassett Shares a Philosophy Lesson (5m20s)

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Thursday Opening General Session
Jim Collins
Thursday 9:30 – 11:00 AM
Terrace Ballroom (4th Floor)

Thursday Afternoon General Session
Independent Matters
Thursday 3:00 – 4:30 PM
Terrace Ballroom (4th Floor)

Learn more about:


Balancing Missions and Market
Thursday 8:00 – 9:00 AM
Submitted by Matt Rush
Session Resources:


Mike Brown
Feeling hungry? Go to the Reading Terminal
I tried out the Reading Terminal Market which is located on 12th St. between Arch and Filbert (across the street from the convention center).  An exhilarating…[MORE]

Getting Started…
Hello NAIS fans…It is an honor for me to blog for you again this year.  I have attended this conference for the last ten years and love everything it brings to the table…[MORE]

Tony Featherston
Last night my school held its annual benefit auction. It was a huge success from two standpoints: we raised lots of money to support The Town School and we gathered in a festive atmosphere to celebrate our school community and community of parents. In a way, the NAIS …[MORE]

Sharing with Aspiring Heads
I served on a panel today with four other heads – Kate Windsor from Miss Porter’s, John Berrengos from Independent Day School, Jane Fried from Brearley, and Don Grace from…[MORE]

Here We Go!
On the train down to Philly after a late night at my school’s benefit auction (successful evening…fundraising goals reached…fun had by all). I’m looking forward to…[MORE]

NAIS Choice Bracket!
By Sarah Thomas
I am so excited to once again venture out into the big world and head out to the NAIS Annual Conference. This will be my third year attending at least part of the conference thanks in part to “Friday Teacher Day”. NAIS makes it…[MORE]

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