The Daily Find: February 28, 2013

Today was a wonderful, busy, crazy, engaging, amazing…day! To keep it simple, today’s Daily Find will simply link you to a lot of great stuff posted throughout the community. Enjoy…

Check out the Arcihve: Very cool with a lot of great photos, tweets and videos. We had about 1000 tweets registered at 7:15 this morning. As of the time this was posted- 4869 Tweets! Enjoy the Arcihve:

  • NAISAC13 Community Daily:
  • Blogs Posted and Re-posted through NAISAC13 Community From Today’s Events
  • Sandra Chapman [POST]
  • Kelsey Vroomunn [POST]
  • Jim Heynderickx [POST]
  • Elizabeth Davis- Teachers Unplugged [POST]
  • Independent Matters [POST]
  • Speed of Innovation at the Speed of Light [POST]
  • Thursday Morning General Session in Drawings [POST]
  • Thursday Morning General Session- Jim Collins [POST]
  • Breakfast with President Pat Bassett [POST]



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