The Daily Find: March 7, 2013


Girard College
If you missed the Girard College musical performance at NAISAC13 or would like to hear them again, here are a couple links from Youtube where they have shared their magic with the world.


Kelsey Vroomunn
You will find many conference posts on Kelsey’s blog. Take a moment and explore her observations, reflections and impressions from the conference. [READ BLOG]

Kim Sivick

Kim was also tagged as a conference blogger for NAISAC13. You can explore her posts on her blog. [READ BLOG]


#isedchat Transcript of #naisac13 Recap
[Read Recap]

Resolve to be more Interested, less Interesting
Jennifer Voorhees
The NAIS Annual Conference just took place in Philadelphia and we were once again amazed and overwhelmed by the brilliant speakers and rich, inspired dialogues with our colleagues. As I left by car for a weekend in Ottawa (another story), the many messages began to sift through my mind and resolved in one thought that has been raised to the level of “mantra” over the last few days. This came from Pat Bassett, outgoing NAIS President:

Resolve to be more interested, instead of trying so hard to be interesting.

 His thought came in reference to what he’s come to realize over the years, and I recognized it immediately as the natural evolution of the my previous “mantra” from the Singapore schools: Teach less, learn…[MORE]

Frac Tad Fractopia Posts from Conference

  • NAIS Annual Conference 2013: Youth Culture and Social Media [READ]
  • NAIS Annual Conference 2013: Professional Learning of the Future [READ]
  • NAIS Annual Conference 2013: Jim Collins [READ]

NAIS and the Mission Skills Assessment from the Index Group
Jonathan Martin
It was a dynamite four days in Philly last week at the NAIS annual conference: although I was unsure how it would feel to be attending in a different capacity, not as a Head but in my new role of writer/consultant/presenter, it ended up very fun and engaging.   As always, the best parts are outside the formal conference in the camaraderie and fellowship found there with so many pursuing with parallel passion the meaningful and rewarding work of remaking learning for our fast-changing times…[MORE]


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