The Daily Find: March 14, 2013


NAIS Reporters
All of the stories covering the keynote and featured speakers are now posted on the NAIS site. For a quick link to them, follow the links below:

Interview with Nadira Hira
By Jason Ramsden- Ravenscroft School

Graphic Recording of Featured Sessions
If you have not seen these, they are amazing. For those who were able to attend, you will find that these graphic recording may bring back specific moments in time at these sessions. If you were not able to attend, you will find that these graphic recordings will provide a context of what was presented and a wonderful representation of the big ideas that came out of each session. You will not want to miss these.

  • Opening General Session- Jim Collins: [View PDF]
  • Thursday Afternoon General Session: Independent Matters: Youth Culture and Social Media [View PDF]
  • Friday Morning General Session- Tererai Trent [View PDF]
  • Friday Afternoon General Session- Cathy Davidson [View PDF]
  • Nadira Hira- Crossing the Generational Line [View PDF]
  • Salome Thomas-EL [View PDF]
  • Lee Hirsch: The Bully Project: Putting and End to the Most Common Form of Violence Among Children [View PDF]
  • Claudio Sanchez- The Three P’s of Education Reform: Politics, Policy, Pedagogy [View PDF]

If you missed the conference and wanted to get a sense of what the event was about or were there and want to get other perspectives on the conference, NAIS identified several people to be official bloggers for the conference. You can read their blogs at the following urls. You will find many different styles of blogging as well as different perspectives.


#NAISAC13 & #EdCampIS from 30,000 Feet
By Chris Thinnes
The themes of the conferences began to take their shape for me on Thursday morning, when outgoing NAIS President Pat Bassett drew from his list of “25 Factors Great Schools Have in Common” to isolate two commitments in particular: “to create and perpetuate an intentional culture” and…MORE

Let Us Plant Dates: Our Role and Our Moment in Schools- Process Post after NAISAC13
By Chris Thinnes
Reflecting on my role in helping to facilitate a three hour workshop on public-private partnerships, in which it couldn’t have been clearer how much work remains for public and private school stakeholders to examine and to revise our assumptions about each other; following a day of workshops in which conference attendees were exhorted to understand that supporting deeper learning is not just an opportunity, but an imperative, for us all; and compelled for a variety of reasons to examine the conflicts between…MORE

NAIS 13 + EdCampIS Resources
By Mike Gwaltney
I was fortunate to be able to attend and to lead sessions at both the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Annual Conference and EdCamp Independent Schools last week in Philadelphia. Here are some of the resources I used in my four sessions…MORE

Gordon McNeill
This is the week every year when I return to Sage Hill invigorated after attending the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Annual Conference. Held this year in Philadelphia, the conference brings together more than 4,000 independent school administrators, teachers, and colleagues. While the conference agenda offers a multitude of interesting seminars on important topics in education, the setting also gives me an opportunity to get together with other leaders to share ideas…MORE

All it Takes is One Person
By Anthony McGrann
There were so many great ideas shared at the NAIS conference. Some were new, some validating, and some that challenged my own philosophy about education. While I need time to process and reflect, I also want to dive right in and push myself to try new things…MORE

If We (Teachers) Can be Replaced by a Computer Screen…
By Anthony McGrann

That was pretty much how the NAIS conference ended. It was the last slide for Cathy Davidson’s closing keynote. I couldn’t agree more with that statement.
For some teachers, it may seem a scary thought, but…MORE

Reflecting on Presenting at #NAISAC13
By Anthony McGrann
One of the things I love best about learning is sharing that experience with my students. After all, learning is what I ask them to do each day. I learned so much from presenting at the National Association of Independent School’s (NAIS) Annual Conference, and it’s great to share the process with my second graders….MORE

NAIS 2013 Presentation: To Flip or Not to Flip: Practical Lessons Learned
By Lorri Carroll
Here is the presentation that Chris BigenhoJason Kern and I gave at NAIS 2013. We had a packed house and some great questions.  It was so much fun!…MORE

Growth Mindset (an NAIS AC Reflection)
By Sarah Thomas
In my one, jam packed day at the NAIS annual conference a clear theme emerged above all others. We must have, model, and encourage a growth mindset. Leaders must instill a culture of continuous learning for adults and students. Time, resources, and processes must be put in place for teachers to work in a reflective, always growing environment….MORE

Social Media Lessons from the NAIS Conference
By Brendan Schneider
I’m amazed at the lessons I learn when I take the time for quiet reflection after an event. I had one such opportunity this past week after I attended the NAIS Annual Conference in Philadelphia. After the conference I had…MORE

Brining Innovation to School: The NAIS Session Slides and Materials
By Jonathan Martin
Although the hour went by much too swiftly, Suzie Boss, Brett Jacobsen, and I had a great time sharing our thoughts on the topic of Bringing Innovation to School today at NAIS AC 13
The slides are above.  If you are interested, you can click over to read Mike Gwaltney’s notes from the session…MORE

 Inspire Life-Long Learners by Being One
By Anthony McGrann
Today, I had the added privilege of presenting at the conference and was both humbled and honored with the opportunity to do so. I’m also amazed at the kinds of innovative success stories that are being shared. I am learning plenty! Needless to say, after day 1, I’m completely…MORE


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