The Daily Find: March 22, 2013

The reflections keep coming in…


Read the 20 Most Popular Tweets from NAISAC2013

Reflections on #naisac13- Think Big, Think Great
By Yoon
My colleagues and I had a wonderful opportunity to attend the NAISAC13 conference on March 1st, thanks to the leadership of my school who funded our trip. It was a fantastic day to travel down town to Philly with the people I work so closely with. I was also very impressed that…MORE

Just Hug Those Helicopter Parents
By Nadira Hira
Parents always take a lot of heat in conversations about Generation Y. They’re overindulgent, over-involved maniacs who’ve naturally raised kids with the most over-the-top expectations, the critique usually goes, and even when it’s parents themselves doing the talking, they can’t resist a little self-flagellation. Just imagine, then, how things might unfold in a crowd full of those…MORE

Speed Innovating
By Shabbi Luthra
Yesterday I presented at the Speed Innovating event at NAIS 2013 Annual Conference. My presentation was titled Superstructing: A Model for Rapid, Effective, Systemic Change in Schools. (Link to our school’s prezi.) I loved the structure of this event and plan to adapt it for our work at ASB. The event was…MORE

Reflections on #NAISAC13- Part II. The Message was clear. Now we must act.
By Bo Adams
From the general sessions that NAIS curated, I cannot imagine that there could be much confusion about core message – schooling and education are experiencing a grand revolution, and NAIS schools can…MORE

Factors of Great Schools Applied to a 1-to-Global Program (NAIS AC Notes Part 2)
By Matt Scully
As I reviewed my notes from Jim Collins keynote at the 2013 NAIS Annual Conference and thought about Pat Bassett’s 25 Factors that Great Schools Have in Common, I started thinking about which of these 25 factors were the most closely connected to the success of a 1-to-1 or 1-to-World (Alan November) or 1-to-Global (Providence Day School’s adaptation) program. Below are the factors that I found to impact my planning and implementation of our 1-to-Global program… MORE

Some final thoughts on #NAISAC13…FINALLY!
By Lorri Carroll
We are officially on Spring Break now. Phew. This blog post has been on my “to-do” list for more than two weeks.  It’s the first time that I can exhale. Aside from the conference itself being an amazing professional development experience filled with inspiring speakers and terrific workshops, NAISAC13 afforded…MORE

What Makes a Great School?
By Anthony McGrann
Almost a month has past since the NAIS annual conference, and many of the ideas shared are still present in the back of my mind. The theme of the conference was “Think Big, Think Great,” and outgoing president Pat Bassett asked us to come up with our list of 25 factors that make schools great. His list…MORE


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