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The Daily Find: March 22, 2013

The reflections keep coming in…


Read the 20 Most Popular Tweets from NAISAC2013

Reflections on #naisac13- Think Big, Think Great
By Yoon
My colleagues and I had a wonderful opportunity to attend the NAISAC13 conference on March 1st, thanks to the leadership of my school who funded our trip. It was a fantastic day to travel down town to Philly with the people I work so closely with. I was also very impressed that…MORE

Just Hug Those Helicopter Parents
By Nadira Hira
Parents always take a lot of heat in conversations about Generation Y. They’re overindulgent, over-involved maniacs who’ve naturally raised kids with the most over-the-top expectations, the critique usually goes, and even when it’s parents themselves doing the talking, they can’t resist a little self-flagellation. Just imagine, then, how things might unfold in a crowd full of those…MORE

Speed Innovating
By Shabbi Luthra
Yesterday I presented at the Speed Innovating event at NAIS 2013 Annual Conference. My presentation was titled Superstructing: A Model for Rapid, Effective, Systemic Change in Schools. (Link to our school’s prezi.) I loved the structure of this event and plan to adapt it for our work at ASB. The event was…MORE

Reflections on #NAISAC13- Part II. The Message was clear. Now we must act.
By Bo Adams
From the general sessions that NAIS curated, I cannot imagine that there could be much confusion about core message – schooling and education are experiencing a grand revolution, and NAIS schools can…MORE

Factors of Great Schools Applied to a 1-to-Global Program (NAIS AC Notes Part 2)
By Matt Scully
As I reviewed my notes from Jim Collins keynote at the 2013 NAIS Annual Conference and thought about Pat Bassett’s 25 Factors that Great Schools Have in Common, I started thinking about which of these 25 factors were the most closely connected to the success of a 1-to-1 or 1-to-World (Alan November) or 1-to-Global (Providence Day School’s adaptation) program. Below are the factors that I found to impact my planning and implementation of our 1-to-Global program… MORE

Some final thoughts on #NAISAC13…FINALLY!
By Lorri Carroll
We are officially on Spring Break now. Phew. This blog post has been on my “to-do” list for more than two weeks.  It’s the first time that I can exhale. Aside from the conference itself being an amazing professional development experience filled with inspiring speakers and terrific workshops, NAISAC13 afforded…MORE

What Makes a Great School?
By Anthony McGrann
Almost a month has past since the NAIS annual conference, and many of the ideas shared are still present in the back of my mind. The theme of the conference was “Think Big, Think Great,” and outgoing president Pat Bassett asked us to come up with our list of 25 factors that make schools great. His list…MORE



The Daily Find: March 14, 2013


NAIS Reporters
All of the stories covering the keynote and featured speakers are now posted on the NAIS site. For a quick link to them, follow the links below:

Interview with Nadira Hira
By Jason Ramsden- Ravenscroft School

Graphic Recording of Featured Sessions
If you have not seen these, they are amazing. For those who were able to attend, you will find that these graphic recording may bring back specific moments in time at these sessions. If you were not able to attend, you will find that these graphic recordings will provide a context of what was presented and a wonderful representation of the big ideas that came out of each session. You will not want to miss these.

  • Opening General Session- Jim Collins: [View PDF]
  • Thursday Afternoon General Session: Independent Matters: Youth Culture and Social Media [View PDF]
  • Friday Morning General Session- Tererai Trent [View PDF]
  • Friday Afternoon General Session- Cathy Davidson [View PDF]
  • Nadira Hira- Crossing the Generational Line [View PDF]
  • Salome Thomas-EL [View PDF]
  • Lee Hirsch: The Bully Project: Putting and End to the Most Common Form of Violence Among Children [View PDF]
  • Claudio Sanchez- The Three P’s of Education Reform: Politics, Policy, Pedagogy [View PDF]

If you missed the conference and wanted to get a sense of what the event was about or were there and want to get other perspectives on the conference, NAIS identified several people to be official bloggers for the conference. You can read their blogs at the following urls. You will find many different styles of blogging as well as different perspectives.


#NAISAC13 & #EdCampIS from 30,000 Feet
By Chris Thinnes
The themes of the conferences began to take their shape for me on Thursday morning, when outgoing NAIS President Pat Bassett drew from his list of “25 Factors Great Schools Have in Common” to isolate two commitments in particular: “to create and perpetuate an intentional culture” and…MORE

Let Us Plant Dates: Our Role and Our Moment in Schools- Process Post after NAISAC13
By Chris Thinnes
Reflecting on my role in helping to facilitate a three hour workshop on public-private partnerships, in which it couldn’t have been clearer how much work remains for public and private school stakeholders to examine and to revise our assumptions about each other; following a day of workshops in which conference attendees were exhorted to understand that supporting deeper learning is not just an opportunity, but an imperative, for us all; and compelled for a variety of reasons to examine the conflicts between…MORE

NAIS 13 + EdCampIS Resources
By Mike Gwaltney
I was fortunate to be able to attend and to lead sessions at both the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Annual Conference and EdCamp Independent Schools last week in Philadelphia. Here are some of the resources I used in my four sessions…MORE

Gordon McNeill
This is the week every year when I return to Sage Hill invigorated after attending the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Annual Conference. Held this year in Philadelphia, the conference brings together more than 4,000 independent school administrators, teachers, and colleagues. While the conference agenda offers a multitude of interesting seminars on important topics in education, the setting also gives me an opportunity to get together with other leaders to share ideas…MORE

All it Takes is One Person
By Anthony McGrann
There were so many great ideas shared at the NAIS conference. Some were new, some validating, and some that challenged my own philosophy about education. While I need time to process and reflect, I also want to dive right in and push myself to try new things…MORE

If We (Teachers) Can be Replaced by a Computer Screen…
By Anthony McGrann

That was pretty much how the NAIS conference ended. It was the last slide for Cathy Davidson’s closing keynote. I couldn’t agree more with that statement.
For some teachers, it may seem a scary thought, but…MORE

Reflecting on Presenting at #NAISAC13
By Anthony McGrann
One of the things I love best about learning is sharing that experience with my students. After all, learning is what I ask them to do each day. I learned so much from presenting at the National Association of Independent School’s (NAIS) Annual Conference, and it’s great to share the process with my second graders….MORE

NAIS 2013 Presentation: To Flip or Not to Flip: Practical Lessons Learned
By Lorri Carroll
Here is the presentation that Chris BigenhoJason Kern and I gave at NAIS 2013. We had a packed house and some great questions.  It was so much fun!…MORE

Growth Mindset (an NAIS AC Reflection)
By Sarah Thomas
In my one, jam packed day at the NAIS annual conference a clear theme emerged above all others. We must have, model, and encourage a growth mindset. Leaders must instill a culture of continuous learning for adults and students. Time, resources, and processes must be put in place for teachers to work in a reflective, always growing environment….MORE

Social Media Lessons from the NAIS Conference
By Brendan Schneider
I’m amazed at the lessons I learn when I take the time for quiet reflection after an event. I had one such opportunity this past week after I attended the NAIS Annual Conference in Philadelphia. After the conference I had…MORE

Brining Innovation to School: The NAIS Session Slides and Materials
By Jonathan Martin
Although the hour went by much too swiftly, Suzie Boss, Brett Jacobsen, and I had a great time sharing our thoughts on the topic of Bringing Innovation to School today at NAIS AC 13
The slides are above.  If you are interested, you can click over to read Mike Gwaltney’s notes from the session…MORE

 Inspire Life-Long Learners by Being One
By Anthony McGrann
Today, I had the added privilege of presenting at the conference and was both humbled and honored with the opportunity to do so. I’m also amazed at the kinds of innovative success stories that are being shared. I am learning plenty! Needless to say, after day 1, I’m completely…MORE

The Daily Find: March 7, 2013


Girard College
If you missed the Girard College musical performance at NAISAC13 or would like to hear them again, here are a couple links from Youtube where they have shared their magic with the world.


Kelsey Vroomunn
You will find many conference posts on Kelsey’s blog. Take a moment and explore her observations, reflections and impressions from the conference. [READ BLOG]

Kim Sivick

Kim was also tagged as a conference blogger for NAISAC13. You can explore her posts on her blog. [READ BLOG]


#isedchat Transcript of #naisac13 Recap
[Read Recap]

Resolve to be more Interested, less Interesting
Jennifer Voorhees
The NAIS Annual Conference just took place in Philadelphia and we were once again amazed and overwhelmed by the brilliant speakers and rich, inspired dialogues with our colleagues. As I left by car for a weekend in Ottawa (another story), the many messages began to sift through my mind and resolved in one thought that has been raised to the level of “mantra” over the last few days. This came from Pat Bassett, outgoing NAIS President:

Resolve to be more interested, instead of trying so hard to be interesting.

 His thought came in reference to what he’s come to realize over the years, and I recognized it immediately as the natural evolution of the my previous “mantra” from the Singapore schools: Teach less, learn…[MORE]

Frac Tad Fractopia Posts from Conference

  • NAIS Annual Conference 2013: Youth Culture and Social Media [READ]
  • NAIS Annual Conference 2013: Professional Learning of the Future [READ]
  • NAIS Annual Conference 2013: Jim Collins [READ]

NAIS and the Mission Skills Assessment from the Index Group
Jonathan Martin
It was a dynamite four days in Philly last week at the NAIS annual conference: although I was unsure how it would feel to be attending in a different capacity, not as a Head but in my new role of writer/consultant/presenter, it ended up very fun and engaging.   As always, the best parts are outside the formal conference in the camaraderie and fellowship found there with so many pursuing with parallel passion the meaningful and rewarding work of remaking learning for our fast-changing times…[MORE]

The Daily Find: March 5, 2013

Post conference reflections
As the 2013 NAIS Annual Conference has come to an end, many are reflecting on their experience and sharing resources from sessions they gave or attended. Over the next couple of weeks, we will collect some of these resources and share them with the greater community. We hope you find something of interest.

NAIS Reporter Articles- Keynotes and Featured Speakers
The following links are articles covering general session and feature speakers from the NAIS 2013 Annual Conference.


Mark Crotty
[Read Reflection]

Links to Education Thought Leadeers: Pass it On
Grant Lichtman
[Read Reflection]

NAIS Annual Conference 2013: e-Portfolios
[Read Reflection]

Three most important things we can do to help prepare students for their future (not our past) 
Cathy Davidson
[Read Reflection]

Learning lots more about topics I know lots about: My NAIS 2013 Conference #1 
Marti Weston
[Read Reflection]

NAIS 2013- To Flip or Not to Flip
Lorri Carrol
[Read Reflection]

NAIS ePortfolios Resource List
[Read Reflection]

The Online School for Girls Approach to Teaching and Learning
Shared by Brad Rathgerber
[Read Resource]

Why we need badges now: A bibliography of resources in historical perspective
Cathy Davidson
[Reading Reflection]

Cathy Davidson, Keynote
Mike Gwalney
[Read Reflection]

NAIS Annual Conference 2013: Youth Culture and Social Media
Frac Tad’s Fractopia
[Read Reflection]

The Daily Find: February 28, 2013

Today was a wonderful, busy, crazy, engaging, amazing…day! To keep it simple, today’s Daily Find will simply link you to a lot of great stuff posted throughout the community. Enjoy…

Check out the Arcihve: Very cool with a lot of great photos, tweets and videos. We had about 1000 tweets registered at 7:15 this morning. As of the time this was posted- 4869 Tweets! Enjoy the Arcihve:

  • NAISAC13 Community Daily:
  • Blogs Posted and Re-posted through NAISAC13 Community From Today’s Events
  • Sandra Chapman [POST]
  • Kelsey Vroomunn [POST]
  • Jim Heynderickx [POST]
  • Elizabeth Davis- Teachers Unplugged [POST]
  • Independent Matters [POST]
  • Speed of Innovation at the Speed of Light [POST]
  • Thursday Morning General Session in Drawings [POST]
  • Thursday Morning General Session- Jim Collins [POST]
  • Breakfast with President Pat Bassett [POST]


The Daily Find: February 27, 2013

Tonight, Pat Bassett’s tenure with NAIS was celebrated in a reception where folks gathered around food and great conversation followed by the and award, friendly roasting and some wonderful words by Pat. He was accompanied by his family and many who have worked with Pat in many ways over the years. Included below is a small collection of images from the reception and a 5 minute video where Pat shared a wonderful philosophy lesson with everyone. If you ever wondered what golf balls, pebbles, sand and beer have in common, you will want to watch this to find out. You will walk away richer than you were 5 minutes before you watched Pat’s philosophy lesson.

pat phil

Video: Pat Bassett Shares a Philosophy Lesson (5m20s)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Thursday Opening General Session
Jim Collins
Thursday 9:30 – 11:00 AM
Terrace Ballroom (4th Floor)

Thursday Afternoon General Session
Independent Matters
Thursday 3:00 – 4:30 PM
Terrace Ballroom (4th Floor)

Learn more about:


Balancing Missions and Market
Thursday 8:00 – 9:00 AM
Submitted by Matt Rush
Session Resources:


Mike Brown
Feeling hungry? Go to the Reading Terminal
I tried out the Reading Terminal Market which is located on 12th St. between Arch and Filbert (across the street from the convention center).  An exhilarating…[MORE]

Getting Started…
Hello NAIS fans…It is an honor for me to blog for you again this year.  I have attended this conference for the last ten years and love everything it brings to the table…[MORE]

Tony Featherston
Last night my school held its annual benefit auction. It was a huge success from two standpoints: we raised lots of money to support The Town School and we gathered in a festive atmosphere to celebrate our school community and community of parents. In a way, the NAIS …[MORE]

Sharing with Aspiring Heads
I served on a panel today with four other heads – Kate Windsor from Miss Porter’s, John Berrengos from Independent Day School, Jane Fried from Brearley, and Don Grace from…[MORE]

Here We Go!
On the train down to Philly after a late night at my school’s benefit auction (successful evening…fundraising goals reached…fun had by all). I’m looking forward to…[MORE]

NAIS Choice Bracket!
By Sarah Thomas
I am so excited to once again venture out into the big world and head out to the NAIS Annual Conference. This will be my third year attending at least part of the conference thanks in part to “Friday Teacher Day”. NAIS makes it…[MORE]

Storify- As Heard on Twitter


The Daily Find: February 27, 2013

Day one of the 2013 NAIS Annual Conference starts today with 3-hour workshops and the arrival of over 5000 participants. Yes, that is 5000 participants and the number is still growing. This year promises to be an opportunity to network, share and collaborate with many educators from around the country.

Twitter Hashtags
This year the conference hashtag is #naisac13. If you use this tag with your tweets, they will be available to all to follow throughout the conference. This will also allow your tweets to be archived throughout the conference. If you post pictures through Twitter using #naisac13, they will also be captured in the event archive ( and available beyond the conference. Check it out now. We hope you will share images of your experience at this year’s Annual Conference.


Santa Fe Leadership Center
Carla Robbins Silver
If you are coming to NAIS this week, please join us for two SFLC events. Learn about these events at:

Presenting on e-Portfolios
@ccshriver via Twitter
Excited to be presenting @ #naisac13 w/ @rhawk @staciemunoz @lindsaymarie_07Talking ePortfolios…join us Wed…[MORE]

Prepare for Thursday Opening Session
Resources to Prepare for Thursday’s Opening General Session- Pat’s Opening Comments. Pat has supplied a copy of slides and an article he wrote for Independent School Magazine

  • 25 Factors Great Schools Have in Common (Independent School Magazine) [PDF]

Where to grab a bite around the conference
Kelsey Vroomunn
I’m here in Philadelphia a bit early, and since I have been trolling the internet finding lunch venues near the convention center, I thought I would share the fruits of my labor.  There are quite a few restaurants in the neighborhood, ranging from quick and easy bites to fancier dinners.  So if you’re looking for a place to grub, read on…[MORE]

What do independent school educators think about?
Peter Gow
Every industry has its convention, its Gathering of the Clans, and the independent school sector–that is, self-governing, self-funding schools operating free of external control–has its own every year in late February. This year the National Association of Independent Schools Annual Conference (hashtag #NAISAC13) is in Philadelphia…[MORE]

On the Way to #NAISAC13
Mark Crotty
I am writing this while on my way to the National Association of Independent Schools Annual Conference in Philadelphia. Because I could not attend last year due to a scheduling conflict, I am particularly excited. I love the learning that occurs at NAIS, whether in actual sessions or between them. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote that I hope to have my thinking flipped. I still wish for…[MORE]



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