How to Participate

The Community Structure and How to Participate
The community is woven out of several different social tools of the web. You can participate on many levels and with as few or as many of the tools of the community as you desire. The following describes the different aspects of this year’s community environment. Please take a moment to explore the possibilities. If this looks overwhelming and you are looking for a place to start, you might start with BOOKMARKING or FOLLOWING this conference blog site ( and the netvibe page ( This combination will allow you to join in blog conversations through comments as well as monitor other activity within the community through the Netvibes site. As time progresses, you may want to venture out into some of the other areas of the community- NAIS Connect, Twitter, Diigo, Youtube,.

The Daily Find
The Daily Find is a daily/semi-daily blog posting on the Annual Conference Community Blog that highlights events from the conference, blogs of other independent school bloggers and general events and news from the conference. This is a rich resource. The Daily Find is also shared with a larger community through various lists and associated established communities. You are encouraged to explore these for the gems they contain and to broadcast them widely within your own school community and beyond.

 Word Press Blog-
NAIS 2013 Annual Conference Community Blog
This site serves as the main entry point into the community. From this site, you can learn about the community as well as keep up with any changes and events that may happen throughout the community. As events occur in other areas of the community, they will be reflected through this blog. Therefore, you will want to BOOKMARK or FOLLOW this site and visit it often. This would be a great site to add to your daily reading. This site contains all of the information you need to enter into the community conversations. It will also have regular posting related to events leading up to and throughout the conference. If you want to share the community with others, simply pass them a link to this site ( and invite them to join in the conversations.

NAIS Connect- Annual Conference Community
As you may or may not know, NAIS has a new tool for hosting community conversations. This can be found linked off or accessed directly at This site requires that you set up a password, as it will allow you to join multiple NAIS Communities. Once logged in, simply click COMMUNITIES on the top navigation bar and select ALL COMMUNITIES. Find the NAIS Annual Conference (currently on page 3) and click JOIN. That is it. You are now a member of the NAIS Connect Annual Conference Community discussion board. Here you can share files, talk with other members on the discussion board, post a blog entry and more. The blog is a great place for those who don’t currently have their own blog and would like to post their thoughts and reflections regarding themes and things they saw and heard at the annual conference. The discussion board is where you can engage in dialogue with other members around a multitude of topics.

What is Twitter?- Video
Twitter is a microblog where participants can leave a post of 140 characters or less. Now you may be asking…What can you say in 140 characters? I submit the Nike Swoosh as an example of what can be said with ZERO characters. You will be amazed with what you can learn from Twitter and how much information can be passed through this interactive space. You can simply choose to monitor the Twitter feed as displayed through Netvibes or you can join in the conversation. Simply go to and setup your personal account. Then go to and click “Follow”. We will be using this account and others to post information throughout the conference. We will also be using what are known as “hash tags” or #tags. The tag for this year’s conference is #naisac13. For each post you make through your twitter account related to the conference, simply type #naisac10 as part of the 140 characters. This will make your post show up in the conference feed as well as easily searchable by anyone at the conference or following the conference through Twitter. You can use a tool like Tweetdeck to search and pull all tweets with the tag of #naisac13 or simply follow the conference feed on Netvibes. You can also follow the conversation by simply going to and clicking “follow this list”. This will create a community of Twitter users and make it easy to follow throughout the conference The list name is If you use a hand-held device (iPhone, Blackberry, WM Phone or other smart phone, there are many Twitter applications that you can use on your device. This would be a great opportunity to explore these tools. 

The NAISAC13 Community Daily
This is an automated daily news paper that is created from the information shared by member of the NAISAC13 Twitter community. As members of the community share resources and ideas through Twitter, they are aggregated and categorized then presented as a daily paper. You won’t want to miss this as it can be a wealth of information.

 Netvibes- NAISAC13 Community Dashboard
What is Netvibes?- Video
Are you looking to follow the conversation? Do you want to get conference information quickly? This is the place. The link above provides a public page that serves as a dashboard to anything AC 2013 related. That is, from this one page, you can monitor conference blogs, easily access the official conference website, follow the twitter accounts of featured speakers, track the conference related tweets and other information as the conference progresses and the conversation extends beyond the last day in Philadelphia. Sound like too much to do? Well, take a deep breath because it is as easy as bookmarking as a favorite and making a plan to visit the page often. For many, this might be the place to start. From here, you might venture into some of the other spaces. The best think about Netvibes is that there are no accounts for you to set up. Just go to the link above and you are there. This is a space that should evolve over time as the community evolves. Think of Netvibes as a dashboard that brings all of the information for the community together. To participate in the conversation though, you will need to set up an account for that part of the community. Then you can simply click on the tool from Netvibes and have your say.

NAIS AC13 Annual Conference Storify
As the conference moves into full swing, stories surrounding specific conference events will be archived through this site as shared by members of the community via Twitter. This will be a great place to visit to see how others in attendance experienced a specific speaker, session and more. This will become a great resource that you can share with others across your community. Want to get something in the NAISAC13 Storify? Simply participate on Twitter as the featured speakers are sharing and you be a contributor to this archived conversation.

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