Teachers Unplugged


Friday March 1

(TWO SESSIONS–Come to one or both sessions)

Connect with colleagues and join innovative conversations in this new participant-driven session for teachers. Based on the “unconference” format, this session offers you the opportunity to drive discussion topics, share knowledge and passions, and find solutions to problems. Learn from colleagues and share your expertise with others. After a fun introduction to the open session format, join conversations on topics that you choose

What would you like to learn during Teachers Unplugged? Are there conversation topics that you would like to facilitate? Please take a moment to share your interests with colleagues by completing this very short online form– (Link to form here)
Check it out now! (View Only)

FACILITATORS: Susan Booth, NAIS (DC); Chris Bigenho, Greenhill School (TX); Jill Brown, Albuquerque Academy (NM); Liz Davis, Belmont Hill School (MA); Laura Deisley, The Lovett School (GA); Sophie Halliday, Saint Andrew’s Priory School (HI); Larry Kahn, The Kinkaid School (TX); Linda Swarlis, Columbus School for Girls (OH); Jenni Voorhees, Sidwell Friends School (DC)

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